Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions regarding our Online Gambling Addiction Education Class from If you don't see your question answered below, please use our contact form and we'll be happy to answer any specific questions.
Is it safe to use your website?
Our website uses an encrypted technology. Purchasing our programs is secure and safe. We are also approved by the Better Business Bureau, which can easily be verified. Last, our courses are fully guaranteed, so there is no risk in purchasing our courses!
How does the class work? is used for legal requirements and for personal growth. Our online classes use a combination of content, videos, pictorials, interactive instructor dialog, short quizzes and a final exam (which can be taken as many times as you need). Once you register, you can start the class immediately. There is nothing to download and there is no wait. You can log on/off as many times as you need and the classes are available 24/7. No hassles, convenient and affordable.
How does compare to other online classes?
There is no comparison. There is nothing else like it available on the Internet. We offer a truly online experience with instant enrollment, instant certificate download*, and 24/7 accessibility. We not only deliver a world class e-learning product, but we satisfaction guaranteed policy that has become recognized as the industry standard for online class guarantees.
What's the difference between the standard class and advanced class?
The longer class program contains slightly more detailed materials and additional exercises. Both programs are excellent. The advanced gambling addiction education class is our most thorough and comprehensive course.
Do I have to take the class all at once?
You do not have to take the class all at once. In fact you can take the class in as many sittings as you like for as much or as little time as you like. It's completely self-paced.
I need my certificate right away! How fast can I get it?
As soon as you complete your gambling addiction class, we will be alerted. If you have selected upgraded shipping, then we will send your certificate out the next business day. If you need an instant download, we can provide it upon request, instantly! The reason we don’t make it automated is we believe having an original stamped and signed copy is better and more authentic than printing one out.
Is there a time limit?
There is no time limit for taking the class. You can take it in a few days or over many months. It is completely self paced and there is no rush.
Is your class guaranteed?
While many participants take our online gambling addiction education programs for personal or occupational reasons, others may take them for legal requirement. We are so confident in the quality and acceptance of our programs. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our program, we will refund your money in full with a written description of your concern. It is your responsibility to confirm with your local court, judge, probation or other legal entity if a distance learning program will meet your requirement.
What is the Certificate of Completion?
Our Certificate of Completion comes on an official form commonly used by professionals. It simply states "Gambling Addiction Education Class Certificate of Completion". Also included on the certificate is your name, date of birth, case number (if for court), address, phone number, and number of sessions completed (either 4 or 10). We use the same certificate for all of our programs.
How do I get a proof of enrollment?
You can download a proof of enrollment once you sign up for the course.
Can I go back and review materials?
While you are taking the class you can go back and review any materials that you have already seen.
Can I print out the materials?
You are welcome to print out any of the materials for your personal use.
Can a Judge, Attorney, my Boss or other legal entity contact you?
Yes, we can be contacted directly to answer any questions or provide information about our programs. We do no release private information regarding our clients without written permission.
How to I contact your company?
Call us at (949) 715-2694 or through our website's Contact Form.